Full Moon Party, Koh Phangan, Thailand

Every month crowds flock to Koh Phangan and Haad Rin Nok (Sunrise Full Moon Party Beach) beach for the infamous Full Moon Party. Numbers vary but in peak season the beach sees up to 30 000 revellers partying until dawn in front of massive state of the art sound systems and light shows. As you walk from one end of the beach to the other expect a blur of fluorescent painted bodies gyrating to every type of music imaginable.
The DJs play all kinds of music; techno, trance, goa, drum n bass, dub step, reggae, commercial hits, house music etc. There are about 15 sound systems along Haad Rin beach. Many small tables on the beach are available where you can sit down with your friends or meet new friends from all corners of the globe.

You can order drinks and food from the restaurants and bars next to the Haad Rin Nok beach (Sunrise Beach). Its not just a party it is monthly Haad Rins dance music festival which is famous worldwide with everything from drum and bass to full-on psy-trance.

Expected Full Moon Party Dates can change due to Buddhist Holiday

Full Moon Party Schedule Dates for the rest of 2011

December Saturday 10
December Sunday 25
December Saturday 31

Full Moon Party Schedule Dates for 2012

January Sunday 8
February Wednesday 8
March Wednesday 7
April Friday 6
May Sunday 6
June Monday 4
July Tuesday 3
August Saturday 4
September Saturday 1
September Sunday 30
October Monday 29
November Wednesday 28
December Tuesday 25
December Friday 28
December Monday 31

Safety advices for Full Moon Party Thailand

Do not party alone. Go to the party with friends. Make a pact to watch out for each other and leave together if possible.Do you sense a dangerous situation? If so, move to where you feel more comfortable.

Do not bring any valuables such as passport, credit cards, jewellery or large sum of money. 2000-3000 Thai bath should be enough. Always wear shoes.

Never leave your drink unattended. Know your limits and remember that if drugs or alcohol are involved, sexual assault is much more likely to happen.

Never let yourself or your friends drive after drinking alcohol. Use taxi car or motorbike taxis.There is about 15 000 people attending the party in high season, is very easy to get lost, make a meeting point with your friends for this case.

Stay away from drugs, prostitutes and ladyboys (khatoeys).
Feel sleepy, drunk or just need a nap? Haad Rin Association providing a sleeping area, feel free to relax, you will be safe here.

Act responsibly, be safe and have a fun with your friends at biggest world's beach Full Moon Party Koh Phangan Thailand.

Beware of drugs on Full Moon Party


Do not accept any food or drinks from strangers.Uniformed and undercover police officers are ready to intervene if they suspect drug trafficking or that people are under influence of narcotics.

Stay away from drugs on Full Moon Party




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